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Modern Mediterranean Design

As a stager, I am fortunate to be in all types of homes in Napa and the surrounding

communities. We design plenty of modern farmhouses, cottages, mid-century modern ranches,

and updated traditional homes. There is plenty of housing here, built in the 80’s, that is

vineyard inspired – with hints of Italian architecture. Think dark cabinetry, iron trim, and dark

colors like red, burgundy, olive green, and gold. This style of home can be more difficult to

reimagine in modern terms than other styles.

Home built with Mediterranean style architecture
Mediterranean Style Home

While these homes have some of the same hallmarks of Spanish architecture, like arched

doorways, faux Italian style homes don’t have tiled roofs, rafter tails, and the Saltillo tiles of

Spanish homes. The style is found most often in California’s subdivisions and was often

generically described by developers as “Mediterranean” in style.

New Mediterranean Style

Many of these homes were built in neighborhoods for families and sacrificed strong elements

of design over convenience and space for growing families. Today, young families are

reimagining these homes in a new Mediterranean style. So how do you take your 80’s home

into this new style? The style is warm, light, rustic, and very inviting. Best for families, it can

be very functional and not fussy, but still beautiful.

How to get the look

Paint walls in a lovely white; think of the villas in Tuscany or the hillside homes of Greece.

There are so many lovely whites available as the gray trend fades. Choose one that works best in the

natural light of your home.

warm neutral color swatches with Mediterranean inspired color swatches

Blue and blue-green accents are the hallmarks of this style. Create a palette of no more than

three colors to focus your aesthetic. Choose a blue you love, choosing various shades in the

same tone. For example, pair lighter blue with a rich navy or a deep turquoise with pale teal.

Pair the blues with natural/neutral tones like sandy beige, taupe greys and yellow.

Think of ways to incorporate color like your backsplash or with wallcovering. Or try smaller

pops with your dining table design and dishes. Pillows are another inexpensive way to

incorporate color and pair neutrals. Choose fabrics in linen and cotton, and texture like rattan.

Accessorize with shades of ochre and terra cotta.

Modern Mediterranean home accent design inspiration

Add “history” and nature to the space. Old books, shells, geodes, and old pottery are great

small touches. Bring in plants or stems in simple jugs or glass vases. Try olive branches or

bunches of lavender. Gather your collections and display them on shelves and tabletops.

Choose rugs with classic motifs in soft neutral colors or try layering rugs for a cozy feeling.

The best part of the Mediterranean décor is that you can mix modern, rustic, and collected

traditional pieces in a beautiful design.

Bigger Renovations

Adding washed stone to a backsplash or fireplace is a great facelift to move your home toward

a Mediterranean style. Adding beams to the ceiling of your great room or kitchen or a rustic

mantle also add to the style. Creating seamless indoor/outdoor living is the biggest shift you

can make. Create an outdoor living space with low-cushioned seating and lush plants that

moves your interior color scheme to the outdoors spaces. Consider mosaics and tiles that work

both inside and out.

Modern Mediterranean style living room design inspiration

Less is more with this design style, so choose the things you love and curate your own beautiful

Mediterranean home.

If you need help designing your home, feel free to call us. From professional color consulting, to interior design and styling, we can help you get on the right track and style your home with ease. Free consults are also available!


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