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Company is Coming: 4 Ways to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome for the Holidays

Guest Bedroom

The next few months are filled with celebrations that bring friends and families into our homes for extended stays. Add a few personal touches to make them feel welcome.

Cleaning Supplies

Get Ready

Do a deep clean of your home, with a focus on your guest room. Even if no one has slept in the bed, change the bedding to give it that fresh smell. Wipe down all the flat surfaces and vacuum the floors, cleaning under the bed as well. Check light bulbs in overhead fixtures and reading lamps.

Family Baggage

Where will they put it? If the stay is more than a few days, it is nice to clear some drawer and closet space so guests may unpack their things. If they will be living out of their luggage, a bench at the end of the bed or a space-saving foldable luggage rack will make accessing their belongings easier on their back.

Make sure there is space on a dresser or tabletop for cosmetics and toiletries if guests won’t have their own bathroom. Stock up on supplies like toilet paper, tissues, makeup remover and face wash, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, and toothpaste.

Christmas Cookies

Give a Little Gift

This could be a little tray of goodies in their room or a basket on the bedside table. Think of what your guest needs to get settled – the Wi-Fi password, some bottled water, some local chocolates, or snacks. A list of local hotspots, like the coffee shop, running/walking trails, or cool shops, are welcome gifts. Go a little further and provide a stack of guidebooks for the area.

Holiday Candles

It’s All About the Extras

Make the nightstands visitor friendly – this is a drop spot for keys, phones, and tablets. Make sure it’s easy to access outlets for charging. A small dish for jewelry is a welcome touch.

Candles are a nice way to make a space feel cozy and smell great. Keep the scent the same in the guest bedroom and bath. Adding a few sprigs of lavender in the room or in the dresser drawers adds a relaxing scent as well. Consider a small vase of fresh flowers.

Fluffy white towels and nice soap are little luxuries that your guests. Don’t forget a hair towel for your female guests! It’s also nice to have a couple of sets of pillows so that guests can find one that feels most like home. Slippers and a robe – hard things to pack for a short visit – are also a welcome lux touch for guests.

Think about what you miss most when you are on the road and deliver a wonderful experience for your friends and family!

For more inspiration and ideas on how to style and set up your guest room, visit our Pinterest.


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