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Lori Bitter


I created Dalia Staging & Design to better serve the needs of realtors and home owners in Napa and Sonoma Valley. I spent more than 30 years as an advertising executive in San Francisco, where I was President of a division of J Walter Thompson, and later an entrepreneur with my own agency. I have a long career in consumer research and the application of research insights to building brands and selling products.


After moving to San Francisco I decided to study Interior Architecture at UC Berkeley, and later Interior Design at IDI. I had a lifelong passion for home design, garden design, and real estate. Combining this with my advertising and marketing career to create Dalia made sense when we re-located to Napa.


I am a published author, have spoken to more than 300 conferences and events on consumer behavior and trends, and am a nationally recognized expert in the shifting demography of the U.S. This insight into consumers informs my approach to designing for today’s consumers.


Naming companies and products is more art than science. I was searching for something related to the wine culture of the valleys, but more creative than the obvious choices. I went down the research rabbit hole and discovered that the word “dalia” in Hebrew stems from the word for the tip of a branch, particularly that of a grapevine or olive tree. I loved the image that it evoked for our region, so I dug deeper into the word “dalia” and found it is also the name of the goddess of fate in Lithuanian mythology. She is the giver and taker of goods and property. As Lithuanian is part of our my heritage, it seemed like, well, fate! So here we are!

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